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Decisions For A Better Future

Refinancing can be an effective way for homeowners to access capital. Ensure you have
an experienced legal team behind you during this important time.

Better Interest Rates

Interest rates are near a record low. If your home is currently financed at a higher rate, it may be a great time for you to consider refinancing.

Lower Monthly Payments

By refinancing your mortgage to a term that is longer than what’s left on the current mortgage, you can reduce your monthly payments.

Repair or Renovations

Needed repairs or a dream renovation may be closer than you think. Refinancing can be a great way to obtain capital to invest back into your property.

Consolidate Debt

Credit card and personal loan debt have much higher interest rates than a mortgage. Transferring debt into your mortgage can cost less and help you become debt free quicker.


Prepare mortgage documents

Execute mortgage documents

Deposit net mortgage proceeds

What does a

real estate lawyer do during a mortgage refinance?


Complete sub-search of title


Prepare final report letter

Review payout balances

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Fixed Free Pricing

Our fixed fees are the same regardless of the price of your home and include all disbursements and searches. If non-standard fee’s apply to your closing you will be notified prior to.

Closing Portal

You can use our Closing Portal to see changes to your file as they happen in real time. You can also use it to communicate directly with your lawyer.

Title Insurance

We can help you secure a comprehensive title insurance policy to protect your home, family and financial well-being.

Simplified Closing Process

Our simplified closing process is designed to get things done fast & efficiently, making the closing of your home a seamless process.

Direct Access To Lawyer

We ensure you will be able to speak directly with your lawyer when needed. You will have their mobile number and email address. For easier communication, you can message them directly through the portal.

Pre-Purchase Review

We provide a free no obligation purchase review to all home buyers. The purchase review is a great way to obtain insight and add value to your closing.

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